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About: Veritas Technologies LLC is an American international data management company headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company has its origins in Tolerant Systems, founded in 1983 and later renamed Veritas Software. It specializes in storage management software including the first commercial journaling file system, VxFS, VxVM, VCS, the personal/small office backup software Backup Exec and the popular enterprise backup software, NetBackup. Prior to merging with Symantec in 2004, Veritas was listed on the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ-100 under the VRTS ticker symbol. Following its merger, the Veritas brand was replaced by that of Symantec. In 2014, Symantec announced that it would demerge its information management business as Veritas Technologies LLC, in order to focus on security. It was purchased as part of the demerger by the private equity firm The Carlyle Group for $8 billion in cash.

Why use: market leading backup and recovery software offering enterprise functionality for the SMB market

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Qualifying questions: Do you have business customers with networks, are they backing up correctly? What would the impact be on their businesses if they their systems for 24 hours, or longer?


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Symantec Backup Exec 15 V-Ray Edition

Namb#: VEBE1406

Symantec BackupExec 15 Server Edition

Namb#: VEBE1382

Symantec Backup Exec 15 Agent for Applications and Databases

Namb#: VEBE1001

Symantec Backup Exec 15 Agent for Windows

Namb#: VEBE1076

Backup Exec 15 Server Edition

Namb#: VEBE1391

Backup Exec 15 Agent for VMware und Hyper-V

Namb#: VEBE1064

Backup Exec 15 Agent for Applications and Databases

Namb#: VEBE1010