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USR has been a leader in developing and transforming emerging technologies into reliable, easy-to-use, high-performance Internet access products for the home, small business, and enterprise. USR specializes in connectivity hardware for applications including POS (Point of Sale), remote management/monitoring, out-of-band access for broadband and server backup. Now as part of Unicom Global, USR has more IT solution partnerships available than ever before.

Why use US Robotics products

USR has been the trusted Internet access hardware provider for over four decades, focusing on providing solutions that are simple, reliable and secure.

Technical Support

Connectivity, and more specifically M2M Applications, can be complicated and include a wide variety of solutions. USR'S helpful team of engineers are prepared to help you through the process - from finding the right cellular service partner and activating SIMs to figuring out if you can transition legacy analog systems to cellular.

Qualifying questions

How to do you optimise data analysis with USR TAPs?

Are you using Wireshark™ or another monitoring tool to analyse network traffic?

Have you thought about using network taps to optimise data analysis? We’ve found that by using taps with Wireshark you can improve your Network security, monitor and analyser performance and eliminate points of failure during analysis.

Do your customers need to improve the remote management of their networks, offices, production sites, machines or point of sales devices (POS)?


Further Details

Call or email one of our Northamber team and talk through your customer's requirements.

For more details call the Northamber Solutions Team on 020 8296 7015 or email


USRobotics USR3500 3G Cellular Modem

Namb#: MDUSR228

US Robotics USR4503 console server

Namb#: MDUSR232

USRobotics Courier 56K Business Modem

Namb#: MDUSR94A

USRobotics Courier M2M 3G GSM Cellular Gateway

Namb#: MSUSR803

US Robotics 2-Port USB 3.0 Super Speed

Namb#: MDUSR202

US Robotics 4-Port USB 3.0 Super Speed

Namb#: MDUSR204