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Comprehensive Solution

The Security Mentor Training Platform provides everything you need for a successful security awareness program in one place - their award-winning security awareness training, phishing simulator, policy tracking & compliance service, and security awareness materials.

Security Awareness Training Platform

Security Mentors comprehensive services turn your employees into your best line of defense.

STEP ONE Transform with Training

Drive real behavior and culture change using our powerful Brief, Frequent, Focused learning system and high quality, engaging, interactive security awareness training.

STEP TWO Conduct Phishing Tests

Use our PhishDefense phishing simulator to identify vulnerable employees susceptible to phishing attacks and immediately provide phishing training to reduce risk.

STEP THREE Track Policy Acceptance & Compliance

Easily upload your organization's policies, track employees reading and acceptance of policies, and generate compliance reports.

STEP FOUR Create Cyber Awareness

Incorporate our high quality, graphical security awareness materials into your employee education program to reinforce cyber security messages and enhance retention.

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