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About Kemp

First with Per-App Load Balancing Options. No consolidating multiple apps on a single load balancer. Kemp reduce the application blast radius by giving you a dedicated load balancer/ADC for each app or microservice across cloud and container environments.

A Revolutionary Consumption Model​

Eliminate the guesswork and over-provisioning of load balancers with pay-as-you-go metered licensing. With Kemp, you can deploy unlimited load balancing instances with unlimited throughput, and only pay for what you use!

More than just another Networking vendor, Zyxel:

  • 4X the Throughput per $ Compared to F5/Citrix.
    When it comes to virtual and hardware load balancers, Kemp stands above the rest. The Kemp LoadMaster X15 delivers four times the throughput for every dollar spent compared to F5 and Citrix.
  • No Cloud or Vendor Lock-In.
    Kemp is first to provide management and visibility into third-party load balancers, including F5, Nginx and ELB, and our robust cloud-native offerings and centralized multi-platform support mean you are never locked into any one public cloud provider.
  • Predictive Analytics Keeps Apps Up and Running.
    Utilising a shared database of past application issues from across all customer deployments, Kemp applies that learning to your environment for faster detection and resolution of application issues.
  • Unmatched Always-On Global Support.
    Kemps customer satisfaction is off the charts. From technical integrations to migrating off F5 or Citrix, our global support team stands ready to support every aspect of your application experience needs, utilising advanced networking and security skills, and in-depth application knowledge.