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Direct attached storage (DAS), also called direct attach storage, is digital storage that is attached directly to a computer or a server. In other words, DAS isn't part of a storage network. The most familiar example of DAS is the internal hard drive in a laptop or desktop PC. In practice, the phrase direct attached storage is used most often in reference to dedicated storage arrays attached directly to servers. It is used to distinguish DAS from networked storage arrangements, like SAN or NAS devices.

DAS Devices Explained

DAS can refer to a single drive or a group of drives that are connected together, as in a RAID array. In addition, DAS devices can be housed inside a PC or server (as is the case with internal hard drives) or outside the PC or server (as is the case with external hard drives and storage appliances). Multiple systems can use the same DAS device, as long as each PC or server has a separate connection to the storage device.

Key Considerations

DAS devices can utilize traditional spinning hard disk drives or solid state media. Hard disk drives (HDDs) are less expensive than solid state drives (SDDs) on a per gigabyte basis. However, they aren't as fast as SDDs. The majority of DAS devices sold today use hard disk drives, although SSDs and hybrid devices are becoming more popular, particularly for applications where performance is paramount, such as Big Data analytics.

Conversely, SSDs offer the fastest performance, but they are also the most expensive. However, in recent years, they have become more affordable. In addition, because SSDs don't have a spinning disk, they last longer and offer better reliability than HDDs. Many vendors now offer SSDs as an option on mid- to high-end servers for part or all of the storage capacity.

DAS devices can connect to PCs and servers via a variety of protocols, including SCSI, SAS, SATA, ATA, eSATA and Fiber Channel. Features & Benefits

The key difference between DAS and NAS is that DAS storage is only directly accessible from the host to which the DAS is attached. A DAS does not incorporate any network hardware and related

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