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A Wi-Fi access point (AP) is very similar to a Wi-Fi router except it doesn't have a WAN (internet) port. In fact, a Wi-Fi router is actually a regular router with a built-in AP or APs. This is a device that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal so clients, such as tablets and laptops, can connect to it. There are generally two situations where you'd need an access point: when your existing router or office network doesn't already offer Wi-Fi, and when you want to extend a Wi-Fi signal to an existing network.

Key Considerations

  • Single or dual-band?
  • SOHO or Enterprise?
  • Cloud managed?

Features & Benefits

The latest Wi-Fi standard - most newer laptops, smartphones and tablets utilise the latest standard, 802.11ac meaning they’re capable of faster speeds over Wi-Fi. It’s a good idea to ensure the router supports the newer standard.

ZyXEL NAP203 1300Mbit/s Power over Ethernet (PoE) WLAN Access Point

Namb#: XYLNEB007

Allied Telesis AT-TQ4600-00 1750Mbit/s Power over Ethernet (PoE) WLAN Access Point

Namb#: AT2031

WatchGuard AP320 Secure Wireless Access Point

Namb#: WGA32731