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In order to create even a moderately sized computer network, a network switch will be a required piece of equipment. For most people's needs, however, a switch is a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment.

Key Considerations

  • How many users will the network have to support
  • What speed does the switch need to support?
  • Do you need the routing capabilities of a Layer 3 switch?
  • Do you need require Power over Ethernet?
  • Managed or Unmanaged?

Features & Benefits

Power over Ethernet - PoE support lets a switch directly power IP phones, wireless access points, Internet Protocol security and surveillance cameras, and other devices right over Ethernet wiring.

Unmanaged Switches - simply allows Ethernet devices to communicate with one another, such as a PC or network printer, and those are typically what we call plug and play.

Managed Switches - provide all the features of an Unmanaged Switch, but also provide the ability to configure, manage, and monitor your LAN. Furthermore, a Managed Switch gives you more control over your LAN traffic and offers advanced features to control that traffic.

US Robotics USR4503 console server

Namb#: MDUSR232

Allied Telesis 16 port Gigabit WebSmart Switch

Namb#: AT003

Allied Telesis AT-FS201 2 Port Fast Ethernet Speed/Media Converting Switch

Namb#: AT012

ZyXEL ZNSW200-28P Nebula 24 Port PoE Switch

Namb#: XYLNEB001