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Avanan deliver an E-mail and Collaboration Security platform, which helps organisations monitor and protect their employees’ use of the cloud.

Avanan’s patented cyber-security solution catches the advances attacks that evade legacy default security tools. Installing as an API in one click, Avanan’s invisible, multi-layer security protects the entire cloud suite, from email to collaboration to file sharing.

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Avanan Email Security Demo



Learn how Avanan uses AI to protect your cloud email platforms like O365 & G-Suite. Leveraging patented technology to capture threats before they reach the mailbox, Avanan brings a new approach to Email Security.


Using API integration Avanan automatically filters all internal email as well as anomalous user login activity. Setup is quick and easy without any need to change MX records or import user email addresses.

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5 questions your secure email gateway vendor hopes you never ask

Ask your email security vendor about these flaws in their architecture. Their answers will disappoint you.

1. Why do you disable Microsoft and Google’s email security?

2. Why does my configuration allow attackers to bypass your gateway?

3. Can you block insider email attacks before they reach the inbox?

4. How would you quarantine a compromised account?

5. Exactly how are you preventing BEC Impersonation Email Attacks?

For all the answers to these Crucial questions download Avanan's Email Gateway Guide here


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