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Tailor-made solutions to ensure the security of the power
supply and sensitive information:

A key factor to consider when making decisions that affect energy security is the fact that the installation of a UPS, as part of a complete installation of a new DPC,
only represents approximately 3 to 5% of the total investment, which is a relatively small percentage considering the significant savings it can provide in terms of
preventing data loss, resulting in it becoming a strategic advantage for
the company. 

Moreover, flexibility and scalability are two characteristics that are becoming increasingly important in the ICT market, as having equipment to suit the specific
growth needs of a company is a significant economic and operational advantage.

This is why innovation is key to Salicru’s strategy of offering products that meet clients’ current requirements and providing them with rack installation possibilities or
the opportunity to expand power capacities.

Salicru has the technology and know-how to offer clients highly versatile, tailor-made solutions for the protection of these types of facilities in SMEs, public sector
bodies and large corporations. Its advanced technology enables monitoring, remote management, modularity and growth in parallel. Rigorous but, at the same time,
flexible and agile production processes make Salicru the perfect partner in the search for tailormade solutions.