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For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe. Allied Telesis is recognised for innovating the way that services and applications are delivered and managed—resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.

In a world moving toward Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, networks must evolve rapidly to meet new challenges. Our smart technologies ensure that network evolution can keep pace, and deliver efficient and secure solutions for people, organizations and “things”—both now and into the future.

Why use Allied Telesis?

Allied Telesis Network Solutions – from Data Centre switches down to Network Cards and Media Converters – provide the reliable Wired & Wireless connectivity any organisation requires at competitive CAPEX pricing points. More than this, by using key Allied Telesis Technologies such as Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) and our Unified Management Platform (Vista ManagerEX) we are able to build cutting edge networks that deliver real and immediate value to organisations by solving one of IT’s most pressing needs. It provides a converged infrastructure that can be managed as a single entity, reducing complexity and TCO, and allowing more to be done with less.

Managing network infrastructure is time intensive, costly and has traditionally required expensive, third-party applications to effectively manage larger networks. Cloud computing and converged infrastructures deliver a great deal of business value to the enterprise, but they also add complexity. In turn, networks must be more fluid and evolve at increasingly greater speeds in order to keep pace with the modern applications and service delivery models that are driving that complexity. For everything from virtualization to mobility and BYOD, networks must be able to keep pace with business. AMF helps IT do just that by greatly reducing the time and cost of managing network infrastructure.

Northamber Technical Support

Our Professional Services team have years of experience implementing end to end solutions for organisations across the UK. Call the solutions team 020 8296 7066 for more information.

Qualifying questions

  • Our Professional Services team have years of experience implementing end to end solutions for organisations across the UK. Call the solutions team 020 8296 7066 for more information.
  • Qualifying What business factors are driving your need for network expansion or upgrading?
  • How time consuming is managing the Network Infrastructure currently?
  • Who is responsible for this?
  • What plans are in place to manage the changes required to the Network as a result of Internet of Things and the huge growth of connected devices?
  • How important is it to restore connectivity quickly as a result of an outage?
  • What would be the cost to your organisation of extended network downtime? Either monetary or reputational?

Partner Program

Our exclusive program was designed with you in mind. As a member, you’ll be able to easily access sales and marketing tools, training, services and pre- and post-sales support to sell Allied Telesis’ solutions and increase your revenue and profit. As a leading expert in service and application delivery management, we can help you articulate the value of our solutions to better meet your customers’ needs. Key features of the Partner Program include:

  • Deal Registration
  • Up to 5% rebate
  • Focused relationship building
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Pre-sales technical support
  • SE support, knowledgebase
  • Sales and technical training discounts
  • Demonstration equipment discounts



Allied Telesis AT-GS2002/SP

Namb#: AT015

Allied Telesis 16 port Gigabit WebSmart Switch

Namb#: AT003

Allied Telesis AT-FS201 2 Port Fast Ethernet Speed/Media Converting Switch

Namb#: AT012

Desktop Mini Media Converter

Namb#: AT1667

Gigabit Ethernet Managed switc

Namb#: AT919

Allied Telesis AT-x510-52GTX Managed L3 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) 1U White

Namb#: at684

ZyXEL USG60W gateways/controller

Namb#: xylwall012

Allied Telesis AT-TQ4600-00 1750Mbit/s Power over Ethernet (PoE) WLAN Access Point

Namb#: AT2031

Allied Telesis AR2010V VPN Access Router

Namb#: AT1944