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It’s Time to Move Your Critical Data to SSDs

  • Added: 7 June 2017

Storage Specialist Today’s IT professionals are well aware that users expect fast, reliable access to ever-growing amounts of data – from web content, to videos, to business intelligence data and more. Meeting the challenges of this exponential growth is nearly impossible with existing, spinning media storage technology. Hard disk drives (HDDs) have been the standard in data storage for decades, but they can no longer satisfy. They create bottlenecks in data access, they fail to meet the growing demands of higher user expectations, and they consume too much power.

IDC describes a third platform for “IT growth and innovation [as one] built on mobile devices, cloud services, social technologies, and big data.” According to IDC, “The third platform is transforming the IT industry, and solid state drives (SSDs)... are altering the overall storage landscape and making the third platform a reality.”

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