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120 days free trial of WatchGuard AuthPoint and DNSGo

We have several great deals for your customers.

FREE 120 DAYS AuthPoint TRIAL*
Offer your customers simple, effective multifactor authentication free for 120 days with this extended trial.
You can download our WatchGuard AuthPoint Partner Guide here.
*Terms and conditions apply, call for details.

Offer your customers WatchGuard’s DNS-level detection, providing an additional layer of security to block connections to the bad guys.
*For up to 250 users, receive the WatchGuard Passport if you activate the AuthPoint and DNSWatchGo separately.

Take advantage of the Free 120 day trial for WatchGuard DNSWatchGo & AuthPoint Today! For more details go to or call our WatchGuard specialists on 0208 296 7015.